Old Books, New Life


I made these for Leslie at the "old" store.

I made these for Leslie at the "old" store.

I love kid’s books.


I love them so much I like to cut them up into tiny pieces.

Harsh, but true.

Some people find this habit odd. Some find it bordering some type of blasphemy. To those who find it slightly beyond the pale, I say that the books I use in my artwork are not collector’s items. They are not even really usable as “books” anymore. Most of them smell. I feel like if I can use them for parts – they come alive again.

My favorite day consists of looking through bins of books and finding the old, worn ones. The covers and typography are usually what get my attention – although the title is a big draw too. How could you not buy a book called Personal Help for Boys written in 1918? Or On the Way to Storyland written in 1947? I love finding a big “DISCARD” stamp in black ink from some unknown (but hopefully not defunct) library along with the pocket and sign out card in the back.

Anyone out there interested in having a “book cutting day” at Spellbound? Of course we wouldn’t damage any of the inventory!! Send us an email if this sounds like fun to you.

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  1. So good to hear from you! Downtown has been very good to us so far. Hoping our first summer here will be as busy as I’ve been told to expect!

  2. Glad I found your blog. I enjoy it! And I like the idea of re-using/recycling old books that are beyond repair or reading. I love the illustrations from old children’s books! At one time, while living there in Asheville (I have since moved back to Dallas area), I found a line of greeting cards that used old illustrations from children’s books. Wish I could recall the “brand” name. It was a local product, I think. I hope all is going well in your new location on Wall Street. I recall with great fondness my visits to your store on Haywood. I’m always eager to check out your book recommendations, etc. Keep up the wonderful work!

  3. That’s a great idea! We could host a craft party for kids,adults,either or both. Between the two of us we certainly have enough raw materials to share! I personally like the idea of making something book-related, like bookmarks or bookplates, out of old books.

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