One Happy Read

We are all sick. Unemployment is above 8%. The economy is in the tank. I am sick. The weather swings 60 degrees in a week. The auto companies are in the toilet. My kids are sick. My favorite coffee shop closed. My husband is sick.


Did I mention I was sick?


I asked my kids for some suggestions of “Happy Books.” My older one said, “The Encyclopedia.” (It was what he was reading at the time.) My younger one said, “Double Fudge.” (See my comment on Leslie’s post.)


So they are not a lot of help.


The inside is even better than the cover!

The inside is even better than the cover!



When I need a little lift, I love reading and looking at The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers. The collage illustrations are incredible, and the story is great too. I think I gave it to ten different kids last year – and everyone loved it! That might be a record of some sort.


So that is my prescription for this week. If you are feeling bad, get yourself to Spellbound and buy yourself (or your child!) a copy of The Incredible Book Eating Boy. I promise you’ll feel better. 

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  1. You can be our special guest Witch anytime!

  2. Try some elderberry tincture. I had some nasty cough/cold/plague that wouldn’t go away and I doused myself with elderberry tincture and finally got rid of it.

    I enjoy the Book Witches blog. Let me know if you want me to come and be a Witch sometime at the store–I am the Village Witch of Asheville, you know!

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