A Very Pleasant Monday (No, Really!)

What a lovely surprise… a couple came into the store this morning, looked around for a few minutes and then asked me an unusual question:

“If we buy this book, will you promise to reorder it?” I think I must have given them a blank stare. The gentleman said, “It’s your last copy, and we’d feel bad about taking it if you weren’t going to reorder.”

At this moment I noticed his wife taking Lois Ehlert’s new book, Boo to You, off the shelf. Well, of course I’m going to reorder that… I expect it to be very popular between now and Halloween! Just then, the woman says, a little self-consciously, “You see, I’m the author, and I want to make sure you’ll get more if I take this.”

First thought: Oh my God, Lois Ehlert is in my store?!

Second thought: I thought she’d be much, much older.

But it turns out that her husband had the book in question in his hand: our last copy of  The House in the Night, the winner of the 2009 Caldecott Medal and one of my favorite picture books from last year. So, while I was not meeting Lois Ehlert, I can’t say that I was disappointed in the least to be meeting Susan Marie Swanson. We had a lovely chat. She told me what a surprising number of luminaries in children’s literature live in her home state of Minnesota and was very interested in finding out about our local authors. (Thanks, by the way, to the proprietors of the charming Beaufort House Inn for sending Susan Marie and her husband to Spellbound!)

For those who may not be familiar with Susan Marie’s work, here are some reviews. She wrote the lovely text, while the illustrations were done by Beth Kromme and earned the book the coveted Caldecott Medal for illustration. (And yes, we will have more in stock by Friday!)


“Here the art is spectacular. Executed in scratchboard decorated in droplets of gold, Krommes’ illustrations expand on Swanson’s reassuring story (inspired by a nursury rhyme that begins, “This is the key of the kingdom”) to create a world as cozy inside a house as it is majestic outside.”–Booklist, starred review
“Inspired by traditional cumulative poetry, Swanson weaves a soothing song that is as luminescent and soulful as the gorgeous illustrations that accompany her words. . . . It is a masterpiece that has all the hallmarks of a classic that will be loved for generations to come.”–School Library Journal, starred review

More from School Library Journal

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  1. Wow – you never know who is going to walk down Wall Street. Great story.

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