Bounty of the Small Bookshop

No, I’m not referring to the bounty of wonderful reading material (this time). As an independent bookseller, it’s very easy to get a chip on your shoulder about the advantages that the big guys have. But I’m also regularly reminded of the advantages we enjoy.

I’ll wager that authors don’t often bring shortbread cookies to the staff at Borders. I doubt seriously that customers bring homemade applesauce, blueberry squares, or tubs of fresh blueberries from their gardens to the folks at Amazon. These are all goodies that I have received in the last two weeks. It’s enough to make my heart (and my waistline) bulge with contentment.

The rewards are not just in the form of yummy edibles, though. There have been times over the last couple of years when I really wondered if the store was going to make it, or if it was even worth it to keep trying. But then, as if by divine intervention, someone would walk in and spontaneously tell me how much they appreciate Spellbound, or how much it meant to their neighborhood, or how much their kids enjoyed it. How glad they were that we were here.

Well, we’re still here, and moments like that are a great reminder of why. In October, Spellbound will be five years old. Can you believe it? Five years! Statistically, the odds were against us making it past two years as a new small business. Stacked against us even more as a small independent bookshop in an industry dominated by chains and online behemoths. Throw in a nationwide economic swan dive, and… well, as you can imagine, we feel we have a lot to celebrate.

Right now I am scheming (in a good way). I’m planning our birthday celebration. I want to find a good way to say Thank You to all of you who have made the celebration possible. (Don’t worry–one thing I know for sure is that there will be cake!)


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  1. Oh my– I hope I didn’t make it sound like people have to bring me stuff to eat! Seriously, I can barely fit in my clothes as it is…

  2. 5 years!! That’s wonderful! Congratulations!! I’m always happy to give your sweet store our support! And I’ll be sure to bring some yummy goodies next time I come!! 🙂

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