Just Another Day

After work last night I packed up the Spellbound traveling dog & pony show and headed to Walnut Street. That is to say, I packed up a lot of books and fliers and signage and set up a table for off-site sales at Asheville Community Theatre. It was the first night of their production of Peter Pan, and Spellbound is selling paperbacks of the book in the lobby.

In the course of the evening I saw some familiar faces, met some new customers and other business contacts, had a little champagne (shhh… don’t tell anyone) and, at one point, found myself chatting with a pirate in the lobby about the travails of finding just the right retail location in Asheville. Just another day in my strange and wonderful job.

PeterPanWe’ll be at every performance of Peter Pan, in the lobby by the front door, selling the newest paperback edition of Peter Pan,which includes an introduction by Tony DiTerlizzi (of Spiderwick fame) and in the back there are great discussion questions, plus important need-to-know facts about fairies, pirates, and mermaids. All for only $5, with 10% of sales going to ACT.

The play runs for the next three weekends. We hope to see you there. There’s a real dog playing Nana, real pirates (obviously), fairies, a crocodile, real flying… what are you waiting for? Click here for ticket information. As for directions, you already know how to get there: second star to the right, and straight on til morning.

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