Don’t Let the Pigeon Sit in the Window

So around lunch time today a bird decided to wander into the store and look around. He took refuge under the rocking chair in our story time area for a few minutes, then as we tried to gently shoo him out from under it he got excited and flew over to Alisha’s display window, settling down among the various framed prints and canvasses. PigeonWindow10-06-09Alisha and I were both too chicken (no pun intended) to try to grab the bird, both because we didn’t want to hurt it and we didn’t trust it not to peck us. Luckily a very gallant gentleman parking across the street noticed the commotion and volunteered to do a quick capture and release.

Thankfully the bird didn’t leave us with anything but a photo-worthy memory.0-916291-45-6_d

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