Ladybug, Ladybug / Fly Away Home

Don’t be alarmed if you spy some unusually large ladybugs downtown today; there hasn’t been an accident at the atomic power plant or anything–just Ladybug Story Time at Spellbound!

Everyone got name tags when they came in, then we read a couple of stories: Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomas (and narrated by a very bossy ladybug!) and Ladybug Girl by David Soman and Jackie Davis.


Then it was time to make our costumes. First, we drew spots on our wings and Elisha helped everyone secure them with red ribbon…












One more story, the new book by Julia Donaldson (author of the story time fave The Gruffalo) called What the Ladybug Heard. This book has it all: farmyard animals (and noises), a couple of hapless crooks, and a very smart ladybug to foil their dastardly plans!

Then we gave out the goody bags, which included stickers, paper dolls, take-home coloring sheets and other activities, PLUS… everyone got a set of ladybug antennae to complete their costumes!


Thanks to all the kids who came and were such good listeners… and the parents who brought them and helped them keep their wings on straight!


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Naked Mole Rat Pics

Okay, I really meant pictures from the Naked Mole Rat story time on Sunday, but I believe in truth in advertising, so…

Wilbur is much cuter!

Wilbur is much cuter!

 And speaking of cuter, what could be cuter than putting hand-colored clothes on Wilbur? From the Activity section of story time…

The blindfold proved a bit too slippery...

The blindfold proved a bit too slippery...


Wilbur isn't constrained by conventional notions of how to wear a shirt...

Wilbur isn't constrained by conventional notions of how to wear a shirt...

Be sure to join us next month for stories and activities about dogs, featuring Biscuit the puppy.

The Naked Truth About Story Time

NakedMoleRatIt’s a proven fact that little tykes find nakedness hilarious, which is just one part of the appeal of Mo Willems’ latest book, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed.

It’s also part of the appeal of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Emperor’s New Clothes, so we’ve added it to the mix of books for this Sunday’s story time about getting dressed.

Of course the featured story is about Wilbur, the naked mole rat who decides that he rather likes clothes and insists on wearing them even in the face of ridicule and scorn from other naked mole rats.

So far, the line-up is looking like this: Elisha will show us a picture of a real naked mole rat (not nearly as cute as Wilbur, let me tell you!) and tell us a little about exactly what kind of animal it is. Then she’ll read, taking a break from the stories at some point so we can play a game of Pin the Clothes on Wilbur. (Not with actual pins, though… no mole rats, paper or otherwise, will be harmed in this game.)

We also have some very cool Wilbur name tags and stickers to give out. Sunday May 31 at 1:00pm, for ages 3 to 6. Absolutely free. No need to reserve a spot. See you there!